Frequently Asked Questions About Farmland

Welcome to our exclusive video series featuring David Whitaker, a distinguished real estate broker specializing in Iowa farmland. Dive into our collection of videos where David addresses the most frequently asked questions about buying, selling, and investing in farmland. Gain valuable knowledge directly from an expert in the field. For a comprehensive overview of David's qualifications and to understand why he's your best choice for navigating the Iowa farmland market, be sure to check out the "Our Company" page.

What is a CSR score?

Can I set a reserve on my farmland auction?

Do you offer online bidding?

Can I sell my farm if it is leased out?

Should we split the farm into multiple tracts?

Can I sell if my family doesn't want to?

What documents do I need to start?

What happens if we don't meet the reserve?

What is my farm worth?

What is Transfer Tax?

What is a 1031 Tax Exchange?

What time do I need to be at the auction?

When does the buyer get possession?

Where do I find my abstract?

When do we get paid?

How and when do you serve lease termination?

What is a 156 form?

What are the time limits for a 1031?

Who do we write the check to?

How soon can we close?

How much does a farmland broker charge?

Do you provide drone videos?

How long does an auction take?

Do We have investors?

Do you need an attorney?

How important is farmability?

Do you cash the check right away?

What do I have to pay for taxes?

What happens after the auction?

What is a closing disclosure?

What is an ALC?

Different types of auctions?

What is the best time of year to sell farmland?

Will the market get better?

Can I sell my interest in the farm?

What is the tax basis?

Can you manage my farm?

Can you take a break at the auction?

Can I sell the farm if it is rented or leased?

Does your company have a national reach?

Can we put the family name on the flyer?

How do we dissolve an LLC?

How can i add value to my farmland?

Can we sell personal property?