Do you provide drone videos?

Do you provide drone videos? Top 50 Questions about Farmland

Hey, it's the Iowa Land guy, and here's the top 50 questions that I get. Ask about farmland. Do you provide drone videos? We sure do. At Whitaker Marketing Group, I have gone to the Federal Aviation Administration classes and received my part 1 0 7 license for flying a drone. We wanna make sure that your property is marketed to the largest audience, yielding you the most successful outcome to do that. We know because we've studied the market that videos are often watched and clicked on more online than any other. Type of post. So with that being said, we're gonna definitely drone video every farm that we have now, informational wise, we put all the information on the front end of the video because that's when most people are watching that video and their attention span. We're gonna move forward and we're gonna showcase all the features of your farm, from waterways to crop, crop, production, topography, and uh, just how gorgeous that Iowa farmland landscape is. David Whitaker | Iowa Land Guy