How important is farmability?

How Significant is Farmability?

Top 50 Questions about Farmland

Hey, it's the Iowa Land guy, and here's the top 50 questions that I get. Ask about farmland. How important is farm ability? So what do I mean by that? How easy is it for the farmer to go in efficiently plant corn and harvest corn or beans or whatever their commodity is on your farm? This is huge. This is one of the main reasons that, uh, brings up the price of a farm.

So, uh, there's a CSR score that we've talked about in previous videos. However, farm ability is a, uh, bigger indicator than a lot of people think. So if it is square, flat, and black, it's kinda like tall, dark, and handsome. That is what people want. They want easy farm ability. And as we get planters that are bigger and harvest equipment that's bigger, we would love to be able to come in.

Take a wide swath, drop down and have straight rows for a long way where we can plant square. The more topography we have. A little bit harder. It is. The more, um, point rose. So what I mean by point rose is, uh, angles or divisions in the property. Well, the more we have to stop, the more we have to turn around, um, on that farm.

If your farm has trees through the middle of a waterway, that is not accessible without going out to the main road and going back. Well, that makes it less farmable. So it takes me longer to get the same job done. So how important is farm ability? Big time.

David Whitaker | Iowa Land Guy