What time do I need to be at the auction?

What Time Do I Need to Be There? Top 50 Questions about Farmland

Hey, it's the Iowa Land guy, and here's the top 50 questions that I get asked about farmland. One question that almost every seller asks when we're having a live simulcast or hybrid auction is, Hey, what time do I need to be there? Um, most of the time at Farmland Auctions, it's a funny thing. Everybody shows up 10 minutes before the sale, they all rush in the door, or they're all sitting in their pickup trucks or vehicles outside the sale. But for some reason, nobody wants to come inside. So I tell most of my sellers, if you wanna show up 15 minutes before, that would be great. We can have a conversation. Of course, we've had all those, uh, uh, conversations prior to showing up at the auction, and now we're just waiting. I don't want you to get. Too nervous if you're showing up 30 minutes before and no one's walking in the door. Arguably, most of them, uh, by history are gonna walk in in the last 10 minutes of, uh, right before the sale. And so we don't need you much before that. But we, as the, uh, marketing and auction company show up about two hours prior to the sale. Um, test the internet connection, test the video connection. Make sure that all the box are checked, um, on our checklist before an auction process. David Whitaker | Iowa Land Guy