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Discover the various options for acquiring farmland in Lyon County, Iowa, with in-depth information on typical land prices, current land listings, key towns in the region, and other useful resources to streamline your search for Iowa property. To address any questions or to set up a FREE farm appraisal, reach out to your local Lyon County land agent.

Location: Northern Iowa Average Farmland Value: $12,193 is the average price of farmland in the county. To learn the most current county average farmland value or to learn what your farm value is contact Land Broker David Whitaker 515-996-LAND (5263) Average Farmland Value for Iowa $12,206 an acre

Land Auctions in 2023: There were 17 farmland auctions in Lyon County in 2023. There were 1198.84 Acres sold at auction. The average farmland price per acre was $16,144.12 The average $/CSR2 was $237.94/ CSR2

Land Auctions in 2022: There was 11 farmland auction in Lyon County in 2022. There were 860 Acres sold at auction. The average farmland price per acre was $14,491 The average $/CSR2 was $199/ CSR2 Land Auctions in 2021: There were 41 farmland auctions in Lyon County in 2021. There were 3729 Acres sold at auction. The average farmland price per acre was $12,317 The average $/CSR2 was $199/ CSR2

Average CSR2 Rating: 75.1 2023 USDA Average Corn Yield: 200.2 2023 USDA Average Soybean Yield: 60.7 ISU Average Cash Rent Per Acre in 2022: $261 ISU Average County Cash Rent Per Acre Pasture: $50-$100 Towns: Rock Rapids, Inwood, George, Larchwood, Doon, Little Rock, Alvord, Lester Adjacent Counties: Rock County, MN, Nobles County, MN, Osceola, Sioux, Lincoln County, SD, Minnehaha County, SD

County Seat: Rock Rapids

County Website: Learn more about the county at Lyon County Website Additional Lyon County Agricultural Informational Website: Lyon County Iowa Farm Service Agency

County Assessor: You can learn individual farm information; parcel ID numbers, farm taxes, recent land sales, and even landowners names and mailing addresses on the county Assessor Page here. FREE Farm Appraisal: Thank you for your interest in the current land values. Fill out our simple contact form or contact David Whitaker your local land agent at 515-966-LAND (5263)

Lyon County History: Lyon County is the most northwesterly county of the U.S. state of Iowa. As of the 2020 census, the population was 11,934. Lyon County is named in honor of Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon, who served in the Mexican–American War and the Civil War. He was killed at the Battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri, on August 10, 1861, after which the county was named for him. The county's name was originally Buncombe County, but was changed by the state legislature on September 11, 1862.

The land that makes up Lyon County was ceded to the federal government by the Sioux Native Tribe through a treaty signed on July 23, 1851. The boundaries of the county were set on January 15, 1851, and attached to Woodbury County (then called Wahkaw County) for administration purposes. Lyon County was split from Woodbury County on January 1, 1872.

The first non-indigenous resident to live in Lyon County was Daniel McLaren, known as "Uncle Dan". He lived near the Sioux River for a short time, spending his time hunting and trapping. He moved out of the county early in its settlement to stake a claim further west. The second settler in the area was known as "Old Tom", a hunter and trapper who lived briefly near present-day Rock Rapids. While setting his traps, Old Tom was killed by Sioux tribespeople.

In 1862–1863, a group of men from the east coast spent time in the county on a hunting trip. They were: Roy McGregor, George Clark and Thomas Lockhart. During the winter, Lockhart and McGregor were hunting elk along the Little Rock creek and encountered a group of Sioux tribespeople. Lockhart was killed by an arrow, but McGregor was able to escape and rejoin Clark. The two continued to hunt and trap until March 1863. During a spring flood, Clark was drowned and McGregor decided to move back east.

The first permanent settlement in Lyon County was built by Lewis P. Hyde in July 1866. The county's population reached 100 persons in 1869, entirely through migration and settlement. The first non-indigenous child born in the county was Odena Lee, born on May 28, 1871. The first election in the county was held on October 10, 1871, and recorded 97 votes. Wikipedia page

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