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Discover the various options for acquiring farmland in Ida County, Iowa, with in-depth information on typical land prices, current land listings, key towns in the region, and other useful resources to streamline your search for Iowa property. To address any questions or to set up a FREE farm appraisal, reach out to your local Ida County land agent.

Location: Western Iowa Average Farmland Value: $13,009 is the average price of farmland in the county. To learn the most current county average farmland value or to learn what your farm value is contact Land Broker David Whitaker 515-996-LAND (5263) Average Farmland Value for Iowa $12,206 an acre

Land Auctions in 2022: There were 2 farmland auctions in Ida County in 2022. There were 321.17 Acres sold at auction. The average farmland price per acre was $16,650 The average $/CSR2 was $201/ CSR2

Land Auctions in 2021: There were 9 farmland auctions in Ida County in 2021. There were 1172 Acres sold at auction. The average farmland price per acre was $11,811 The average $/CSR2 was $159/ CSR2 Land Auctions in 2020: There were 4 farmland auctions in Ida County in 2020. There were 476 Acres sold at auction. The average farmland price per acre was $10,813 The average $/CSR2 was $134/ CSR2

Average CSR2 Rating: 77.1 2023 USDA Average Corn Yield: 198 2023 USDA Average Soybean Yield: 56 ISU Average Cash Rent Per Acre: $276 ISU Average County Cash Rent Per Acre Pasture: $50-$100 Towns: Ida Grove, Battle Creek, Holstein, Galva, Arthur Adjacent Counties: Cherokee, Sac, Crawford, Woodbury County Seat: Ida Grove

County Website: Learn more about the county at Ida County Website Additional Ida County Agricultural Informational Website: Ida County Iowa Farm Service Agency

County Assessor: You can learn individual farm information; parcel ID numbers, farm taxes, recent land sales, and even landowners names and mailing addresses on the county Assessor Page here. FREE Farm Appraisal: Thank you for your interest in the current land values. Fill out our simple contact form or contact David Whitaker your local land agent at 515-966-LAND (5263)

Ida County History: Ida County is a county located in the U.S. state of Iowa. As of the 2020 census the population was 7,005, making it the state's eighth-least populous county.  The county was authorized by the Iowa Legislature in January 1851 as a packet of projected counties in the unorganized territory of western Iowa. It was named after Ida Smith, the first child of European immigrants to be born in this region. The Iowa Legislature authorized the formation of 49 counties in previously–unregulated western Iowa on January 15, 1851. This date is usually cited as the date of formation of Ida County; however, as there were no inhabitants of that area, no action was taken to form a county government. On January 12, 1853, the Legislature authorized the creation of Woodbury County, and included the proviso that the area of Ida County is included with Woodbury for revenue, election, and judicial purposes. In 1853 there were still no settlers in Ida County's lands. The county's first permanent settlers (Comstock and Moorehead) arrived in 1856. In 1858 the county government was organized, with John Moorehead appointed County Judge. There were about 40 county residents at that time. The county's only post office, as well as the first courthouse, was operated from Judge Moorehead's house. m The county's first dedicated school building was raised in 1861.

The county's first newspaper, Ida County Pioneer, was started in 1872. The first bank opened in 1876. Railroads arrived in Ida County in 1877, when the Maple Valley branch of the Chicago & North Western Railway was built. This resulted in a flood of settlers, and within five years, nearly all the available land had been purchased. Wikipedia page.

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