Donation to Huxley's First Responders



Whitaker Marketing Group Extends Support to Huxley's First Responders


Huxley, 11/6/23 - Whitaker Marketing Group (WMG), a local presence in auctions and real estate, humbly announces its support for the Huxley Police Department and the Huxley Fire Department. This act of community involvement has been shaped by the group's recent work alongside Huxley Communications Cooperative.


Deeply rooted in the Huxley community, Whitaker Marketing Group values its role as not only a business but also as an active and caring community member. Together with Huxley Communications Cooperative, WMG acknowledges the selfless service provided by the police and fire departments in ensuring the safety of Huxley's residents, and this gesture is a small token of appreciation for their efforts.


David Whitaker, founder of Whitaker Marketing Group, expressed, “Huxley is where we belong, and if we can support those who serve us daily, it's the least we can do. This gesture is not about us; it's a nod of respect to the brave individuals who prioritize our community's safety. Their dedication is humbling, and we simply hope this helps in some way.”


Whitaker Marketing Group and Huxley Communication Cooperative both share a history of quietly supporting local community events, educational pursuits, and charitable activities. It's a reflection of their shared ethos: to operate with honesty while nurturing and reinforcing community ties.


Huxley Communications Cooperative appreciates this genuine gesture from WMG, seeing it as a manifestation of the mutual respect and shared values that have characterized their collaboration.


Rather than being a mere contribution, this effort serves as an invitation to the broader Huxley community. It's a reminder of the importance of acknowledging and supporting the essential roles played by the Huxley Police and Fire Departments.


For additional information or media inquiries, please reach out to:


David Whitaker

Public Relations Officer, Whitaker Marketing Group

Phone: 515-996-LAND (5263)




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