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As of April 2023, Iowa farmland prices have continued to rise, reflecting the ongoing demand for high-quality agricultural land in the state. According to the Realtor Land Institute March survey, the average price of farmland in Iowa has increased by approximately 1% over the past 6 months. The primary factors driving the increase in farmland prices include strong commodity prices, low interest rates, and high demand for land from investors and farmers alike. Additionally, the recent talk of the 2023 Farm Bill, which includes increased funding for conservation programs and other initiatives designed to support farmers, has further boosted the confidence of those investing in Iowa farmland. Despite the overall positive trend, there are some regional differences in the price of farmland. The northwest and west-central regions of the state have seen the highest increase in prices, while the southeast and south-central regions have seen more modest gains. While the rising cost of farmland may pose a challenge for some farmers looking to expand their operations or acquire additional land, it also represents an opportunity for those looking to sell. For landowners who are considering selling their farmland, now may be a good time to take advantage of the strong demand and high prices in the market. Overall, the continued increase in Iowa farmland prices is a positive sign for the state's agricultural economy, reflecting the ongoing strength and resilience of the industry. However, it's important for both buyers and sellers to carefully consider their options and work with knowledgeable professionals to ensure they are making informed decisions in a dynamic and constantly changing market.

Iowa Results: Results from the 142 Auctions (14,098 acres) this last year have the average for the state at $11,680/acre, high quality ground at $14,010/ acre, and medium quality ground averaging $9,195/ acre. Low quality ground has remained steady at an average of $6,003/ acre Our Mission; Is to be your “Trusted Advisors”, Our obligation; is to market your farmland to the largest audience yielding you the most successful outcome!

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