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Farmland in Kossuth County, Iowa

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Discover the various options for acquiring farmland in Kossuth County, Iowa, with in-depth information on typical land prices, current land listings, key towns in the region, and other useful resources to streamline your search for Iowa property. To address any questions or to set up a FREE farm appraisal, reach out to your local Kossuth County land agent.

Location: Northern Iowa Average Farmland Value: $12,178 is the average price of farmland in the county. To learn the most current county average farmland value or to learn what your farm value is contact Land Broker David Whitaker 515-996-LAND (5263) Average Farmland Value for Iowa $12,206 an acre

Land Auctions in 2023: There were 7 farmland auctions in Kossuth County in 2023. There were 74 Acres sold at auction. The average farmland price per acre was $13,300 The average $/CSR2 was $168/ CSR2

Land Auctions in 2022: There was 16 farmland auction in Kossuth County in 2022. There were 1892 Acres sold at auction. The average farmland price per acre was $13,435 The average $/CSR2 was $181/ CSR2 Land Auctions in 2021: There were 37 farmland auctions in Kossuth County in 2021. There were 4,646 Acres sold at auction. The average farmland price per acre was $12,442 The average $/CSR2 was $163/ CSR2

Average CSR2 Rating: 78.2 2023 USDA Average Corn Yield: 193.7 2023 USDA Average Soybean Yield: 57.7 ISU Average Cash Rent Per Acre: $261 ISU Average County Cash Rent Per Acre Pasture: $50-$100 Towns: Algona, Bancroft, Burt, Fenton, Lakota, Ledyard, Lone Rock, Lu Verne, Swea City, Titonka, Wesley, West Bend, Whittemore

Adjacent Counties: Martin County, MN, Faribault County, MN, Winnebago, Hancock, Humboldt, Palo Alto, Emmet

County Seat: Algona

County Assessor: You can learn individual farm information; parcel ID numbers, farm taxes, recent land sales, and even landowners names and mailing addresses on the county Assessor Page here. FREE Farm Appraisal: Thank you for your interest in the current land values. Fill out our simple contact form or contact David Whitaker your local land agent at 515-966-LAND (5263)

Kossuth County History: Kossuth County is a county in the U.S. state of Iowa. As of the 2020 census, the population was 14,828. Kossuth County was founded on January 15, 1851. It was named after Lajos Kossuth, Regent-President of Hungary who went into exile to America following the war of independence of Hungary from the Habsburg Dynasty. The county was enlarged northward in 1857 by the inclusion of the former Bancroft CountyCrocker County was another county created out of the same area of Kossuth County as Bancroft County but was reverted due to not being larger than 432 square miles.

The information about this county was sourced from the Wikipedia page.

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