David Whitaker Teaches Marketing to the Realtor Land Institute

David Whitaker Teaches Realtor Land Institute Marketing Farmland!

5 things every land professional can do digitally to market their customer’s land!

1. Make sure you know who the audience is:

Google analytics code on the back end of your website will give you a very good idea of the architype of customers that are looking for you assets. Age, Sex, Hobbies, Likes, Dislikes, Family Status, Employment, when they visit, what they look at and search habits are just a few things to know about the person who want to buy what you have for sale.

2. Collect the data:

Another way to track your potential customers is to collect the data. This can be done as simply as an email sign up form. You could also require a set of information when a potential customer would like to look at the downloadable sales flyer. You can capture your customers online with cookies on your website. You can capture customers with Google and Facebook pixel on your website. You can purchase lists from sources like Accudata.com. Build in a way to ask your customers where they hear about your land for sale. You can capture bidder information at your auctions or showings.

3. Geofence:

Depending on the type of land you are selling; you should target people close in proximity. This can be done utilizing a geographical fence where your digital ads can be seen.

4. Target market:

Once you know your customers build ads that target the type of buyer you are looking for. Use a shotgun approach to learn who clicks on your ads then. Refine the lead funnel and then advertise based on similarities of the buyers who are reaching out.

5. Look-A-Like audiences:

Utilize organic content to learn your audience. Then using Pixels have software (Facebook and Google) Assist you in finding people that look like the people that have already show interest.

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