David Whitaker Crowned 3rd in the 2022 NAA International Auctioneer Champion

2022 NAA Championship

David Whitaker was crowned 3rd place winner of the Men’s National Auctioneers Association , International Auctioneer Championship which took place Friday, July 29th in San Diego.

David attended Auction School in 2008. He then acquired his real estate license in November 2010. He currently serves as the Owner operator and Managing Broker for Whitaker Marketing Group.  Through the years of contract auctioneering, David gained valuable experience and knowledge as an auctioneer and participated in a variety of different auctions nationwide. He is active in the Realtor Land Institute, National Auctioneer Associations, and a number of State Auctioneer Associations. With David’s diverse portfolio of education and work experience and his drive to stay continually up-to-date on current market trends, clients look to him as their trusted advisor in farmland sales and acquisitions. After auctioneering for years and selling millions of dollars in assets, David honed in on his passion for selling farmland and enjoys the challenges that come with it. David and Ann understand that marketing their clients’ assets is the most important aspect of the auction and strives to maintain their position as the leader in the industry for marketing. His passion and stage presence has led him to numerous auctioneering championship titles. David and his wife, Ann reside and farm outside Ames, Iowa with their two sons, Colton and Caleb.

53 contestants, 42 men, and 10 women competed for the championship to hold the title as one of the best auction professionals in the world. There were three rounds; a preliminary bid-calling round, an interview round, and a final round of bid-calling that included the top ten men and five women.

The IAC was streamed live throughout the day on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. IAC contestants must be 18 years of age or older, a current NAA member, and registered for Conference and Show.