Iowa Farmland Market Update - December 2021

Iowa Farmland Market Update! Current Farmland Prices

Statistically the most acres move in November and this November did not disappoint!

Talking with realtor and land professionals, I am hearing resounding echoes that the market is going to stay strong. Discussing futures with some economists they would indicate that we are setting ourselves up for a repeat of the 1980’s. This is not anything any of us want to hear! They are advising to get your houses in order and secure the low interest rates to prepare for the coming years. None of us have a crystal ball that would tell us the future but, I can tell you that the price of farmland has moved up quickly and I have not seen any signs of it going back down.

Looking at what has moved forward in the government, it looks like we will be keeping stepped up basis, they will not be taking our 1031, our capital gains rate will stay very similar, and being this is an election year I don’t think they will change much. This is positive news for farmers in Iowa. Results from the 293 Sales (31,813 acres) this last month have the average for the state at $11,688 high quality ground at $13,114/ acre, and medium quality ground averaging $9,597/ acre. Low quality ground has moved up at an average of $6,539/ acre.

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