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Decatur County Land for Sale | 161 Acres SOLD!!!
David & Ann  Whitaker - Real Estate Agents
David & Ann Whitaker - Real Estate Agents
Asking $925,750.00

Decatur County, Land for sale, Hunting land/ Recreational Land for sale

Prime Hunting Land For Sale - 161 Acres in Decatur County, Iowa

Introducing a hunter's dream in the heart of Iowa's esteemed deer hunting country: 161 sprawling acres of prime hunting ground, tailor-made for avid hunters of deer, turkey, ducks, and waterfowl. This isn't just another plot; it's a canvas on which countless hunting stories await.

Easy Access with Easement from County Road R58
Positioned with a convenient access easement from County Road R58, this property ensures ease of entry for you and your equipment. No more trudging through miles of wilderness; instead, get straight to the heart of the action.

Unique Horseshoe Configuration
Benefiting from a distinctive horseshoe shape, this property offers a natural vantage point, providing hunters an unparalleled advantage. The unique layout ensures you're always in the right place at the right time, with game naturally funneling through the area.

Diverse Habitats to Suit Every Hunt

  • Wetland Reserve (31 acres): A sanctuary for ducks and waterfowl, this dedicated wetland reserve promises bountiful hunts and mesmerizing moments as you witness migrations and daily routines.

  • Grassland (30 acres): Ideal for turkey and a host of other game, this expanse of grassland acts as a magnet, drawing in prey from the neighboring timber and beyond.

  • Timberland (100 acres): As any seasoned hunter knows, Iowa's timber is synonymous with deer. This property boasts a dense 100 acres, ensuring a rich population of deer and providing a captivating backdrop for those stealthy, patience-testing hunts.

Whether you're lying in wait for that majestic buck, calling out to a flock of waterfowl, or tracking a flock of turkeys through the grassland, this property caters to every facet of the hunting experience.

Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to own a slice of Iowa's prime hunting country. Dive into a world where nature and adventure meld, where every dawn could mean a new trophy, and every dusk brings the satisfaction of a day well-spent in the wild.

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Sales Method (Listing): The real estate is being offered at $925,750. 

Taxes: The real estate taxes will be prorated to the day of closing. 

Contract and Title: Immediately upon the acceptance of an offer, the buyer(s) will enter into a real estate contract and the earnest money will be deposited in the Real Estate Trust Account of the Seller's attorney. The Sellers will provide a current abstract of title at their expense. The sellers reserve the right to reject any and all offers.

Closing: The sale closing date will be agreed upon by both parties. Certified funds will be required at the time of closing for the remaining balance of the purchase. 

Possession: Possession will be granted at closing, or such other date agreed to by both parties. 

Agency: Whitaker Marketing Group stipulates that they are representing the sellers in this transaction. Whitaker Marketing Group acts as the Listing Broker and Auction/Real Estate Company. 

Notice: All information contained has been gained from sources considered to be reliable. However, buyers are invited to inspect the property and make their own investigations with respect thereto. All sales are presumed to be made by the individual judgment of the purchaser. All map boundaries are approximate, and photographs used may or may not depict the actual property. 

Buyers Premium: 0%


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David & Ann  Whitaker - Real Estate Agents
David & Ann Whitaker - Real Estate Agents